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23 September 2015

So, to say that it’s been a unique 6 months since the end of the 2014/15 season in Nepal would be a massive understatement. As we all know, the last season ended early and very abruptly with the sad events of the earthquake on April 25th. Treks and other adventure activities finished early, any upcoming trips were cancelled and visitors to Nepal left for their home countries as soon as possible.
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20 July 2015

It’s well and good planning your dream adventure, getting there safely with all the right gear and having an awesome guide to make your trip safe and exciting, but getting sick could ruin everything! And there are many ways to get sick in the Himalaya if you don’t take basic precautions to keep yourself in good shape. But we are here to help and provide useful tips for staying healthy while trekking in the Himalaya!
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24 June 2015

Have you ever been on a beautiful scenic trek out in the Himalaya but as you look through your photos you quickly realise that they are not that exciting and they fail to capture the same emotion that you had when you took the photo? Because I know I have been in that situation and I would like to share some quick tips to help improve your photography skills while trekking in the mountains!
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17 June 2015

As you are aware, an earthquake struck parts of Nepal in April that has caused extensive damage to certain areas of the country. In all, 14 of the 75 districts of Nepal were affected, and are undergoing relief and rebuilding work, which will take time to recover.
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13 May 2015

Our most asked question is what training should I do to prepare for a trek? Anna Holmes is a personal trainer at SMART Fitness and she is here to help by sharing some advice on how to ensure that your ready and in shape so you can enjoy your trek. Anna is has a proven track record in training people and advising on how to be safe and fit for the mountains.
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