04 October 2017

The Most Beautiful Peaks Of The Himalayas

The world offers trekkers and climbers some beautiful peaks, and many of the most dramatic, stunning and down right beautiful ones are in the Himalayas. I’ve been a mountain guide in the Himalayas for more than ten years and over that time I’ve developed a list of what I think are the most beautiful and striking peaks. Here they are in no particular order:

Ama Dablam

Ama Dablam mountain lies in the eastern end of the Himalayas. The name translates as ‘Mother necklace’ and the main peak stands at 6,812 meters tall. If you are trekking to the Everest Base Camp then this mountain will dominate your eastern view for a few days. I love seeing the views of this mountain change as the trek progresses. Also, waking up to this view is one of the many privileges of the trip.


Across the Imja River from Ama Dablam lies Taboche - in the Khumbu region of Nepalese Himalayas. Standing at 6,501meters – it is one of the most challenging peaks to climb in the Himalayas. Only the most experienced climbers attempt to reach the peak. Like many peaks of the Himalayas, it is absolutely stunning to look at even if you’re not climbing it.


Machapuchare – also known as Machhapuchchhre or Machhapuchhre sits in the Annapurna Himalayas, Nepal. Standing at 6,993 meters, it’s a revered peak since it is believed to be one of the homes of the Hindu God, Shiva. Known as the ‘fishtail’ it’s practically untouched because it has officially never been climbed.In my mind, this peak is even more incredible since it is one of the most untouched places on earth.

Dhaulagiri I

Dhaulagiri I is the seventh highest mountain in the world – standing at 8,167 meters tall in the Dhaulagiri mountain range. Its name means simply ‘white beautiful mountain and it’s quite a coveted peak by climbers and trekkers, yet it is one of the lesser climbed mountains because it is far more remote and less accessible than others.It’s the highest mountain located entirely in Nepal and was successfully scaled in 1960, after several unsuccessful attempts.


Kanchenjunga is the tallest peak in the Indian Himalayas, and the third tallest in the world standing at 8,586 meters, lying partly in Nepal and partly in India. Until 1852 it was considered to be the tallest mountain in the world. The people of Darjeeling and Sikkim worship it, permission to climb it is rarely given, and it remains in my mind even more pristine.

Mount Everest

Of course, Mouth Everest, the tallest mountain on Earth is beautiful and inspiring in equal measure. The 8,848-meter peak is mostly hidden from view on my favourite trek - the trip to Everest’s Base Camp. Like many of the peaks in the Himalayas, it always is a stark reminder of how small we are by comparison to these giants. It’s an icon of human tenacity and the power of nature.

About the author of this blog:

Nima Lama has been trekking in the region for over ten years. The managing director of Mountain Quests, he still regularly leads treks and loves it. The trek to Everest base camp is his favourite – and trekking with Nima means you’ll make a friend for life. For more information on trekking in Nepal or trekking in India, contact Nima and the Mountain Quests team.